Welcome to J.OConnor Plastering

J.OConnor Plastering is a Massachusetts based Plastering company that has been in the trade for over 30 years. A family business that has been passed down thru 5 generations of plasterers who take great pride in presenting a beautiful finish for your home or office. We can patch any problem areas in your home, or finish your building from scratch, hanging the blueboard and giving a smooth and easily painted surface for your family home.


A Simple Patch or new construction

All employees of J.OConnor plastering are experienced and professional. We can come into your home and fix a simple patch, and leave without leaving a trace of our presence aside from a quality product. We take great pride in being neat, clean and fast.
A large percentage of our work is new construction in varying parts of the state, where we install blueboard first then plaster to specification. Be it all smooth, or textured ceilings or even fancy design work requested by our clients, we do it all in a timely and professional manner.
Our pricing is reasonable and competitive. Most of our jobs are based on a square foot price that includes material cost and all labor.
Smaller home owner based jobs are priced accordinglingly and reasonably.